Rejected by Judeans

Thousands of Jews Wanted Paul Dead for Repeatedly Teaching Against the Law (Torah) - the instruction of God the Most High

Saul in Jerusalem

And he was talking and arguing with the Hellenistic Jews; but they were attempting to put him to death. 30But when the brethren learned of it, they brought him down to Caesarea and sent him away to Tarsus. 31So the church throughout all Judea and Galilee and Samaria enjoyed peace, being built up; and going on in the fear of the Lord and in the comfort of the Holy Spirit, it continued to increase.  
Acts 9:29-31

Clearly what happened is that AFTER the heretic and Saint killer Paul was sent AWAY the people REJOICED and had Peace and continued in the fear of the Father and comfort of the Holy Spirit.

James, the half-brother of the Messiah who was teaching the gospel the Son of God had instructed rebukes Paul for teaching AGAINST the Law of Moses that the Most High God had instructed to follow:

Paul's Arrival at Jerusalem
 And the following day Paul went in with us to James, and all the elders were present. 19 After he had greeted them, he began to relate one by one the things which God had done among the Gentiles through his ministry...
20 And when they heard it they began glorifying God; and they said to him, "You see, brother, how many thousands there are among the Jews of those who have believed, and they are all zealous for the Law; 21 and they have been told about you, that you are teaching all the Jews who are among the Gentiles to forsake Moses, telling them not to circumcise their children nor to walk according to the customs. 22"What, then, is to be done? They will certainly hear that you have come.… 23"Therefore do this that we tell you. We have four men who are under a vow;…24take them and purify yourself along with them, and pay their expenses so that they may shave their heads; and all will know that there is nothing to the things which they have been told about you, but that you yourself also walk orderly, keeping the Law.… 25"But concerning the Gentiles who have believed, we wrote, having decided that they should abstain from meat sacrificed to idols and from blood and from what is strangled and from fornication."… 26Then Paul took the men, and the next day, purifying himself along with them, went into the temple giving notice of the completion of the days of purification, until the sacrifice was offered for each one of them. 


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