False Account of Resurrection


According to Paul the first named witnesses to Jesus’ resurrection was “Cephas” or Peter and James the brother of Jesus, along with the Twelve, other apostles, and a group of 500 “brothers,”and finally, much later, Paul himself (1 Corinthians 15:5-8). Curiously–or not so curiously–given Paul’s culture and the denigration of women, Mary Magdalene and the group of women who first discovery the empty tomb, according to all our gospels accounts, go unmentioned. In the gospels not only is Mary Magdalene at the core of the narratives, but she is mentioned first, as head of the entourage of women followers of Jesus from Galilee, even ahead of Jesus’ own mother, and in two of our accounts (Matthew and John) she becomes the “first” witness to Jesus’ resurrection.
Source:  http://jamestabor.com/2012/07/08/mary-magdalene-as-first-witness/

The question remains - why would Paul either not know or lie about details of the very event that shapes the faith and belief in the Son of God he preached to Gentiles?  If he does not know the details known to the true Apostles and disciples who knew full well the details of the Resurrection, does this reflect a lack of real interest and a hidden agenda?  If he knew but did no care to mention the women who were present, does this not reflect some hidden attitude against women in general ? Some other scriptures regarding his attitude towards females conveys some repressed sentiment or hatred of them. 

CONCLUSION: Paul was Ignorant or Lied of the Resurrection Account

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