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The above is a sample of the Pharisee and son of Satan. For more on the murderer of Gods' saints and false apostle, visit: 

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Paul False Apostle
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So why do Paul's writings make up the  bulk of the New Testament?  Simple - he was the only "disciple" to make it to pagan and corrupt Rome (no proof exists that Peter ever went there - click here and here) which indoctrinated his teachings for political reasons.  Paul's easy, "just have faith in Jesus"  mantra without the need of keeping the Law that the Messiah commanded His Apostles to keep and teach to the world.  

Rome ultimately would attach their laundry list of "sacraments" to their already familiar idolotrous, pagan and luciferian doctrines and practices of previous gods to Paul's heretical gospel - thus giving us the "Christian" religion we have today with statues, crosses, Mary worship, Christmas, Easter and Sunday worship.
  This Luciferian hell-spawned creation is the Mother of Harlots that has created some 28,000+ offspring which are now being culled by the Vatican to participate and put forward the New World Order.



With the undisputed proof that we are to keep the Word - Commandments - Law of God clearly demonstrated on the Home Page coupled with the evidence provided here that Paul was a heretic, hypocrite and a fraud and by his own testimony, THE LAWLESS ONE - it should be crystal clear to you now whose path to life you should follow.and whose path of destruction you should avoid. Do NOT stake your eternal life on the heretical doctrines and teachings of this Pharisaic demon that spawned his unholy church and its thousands of offspring - the Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the World - Rev. 17:5.

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